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Our Solutions

Chemistry through Smart Logistics

Den Hartogh Logistics is one of the leading Logistics Service Providers. Our family-owned organisation was established in The Netherlands in 1920. As a bulk logistics service provider for the chemical, gas, polymer and food industry, we combine the best elements to create the optimal solution for each situation. Safety and operational excellence are embedded in our culture.

Den Hartogh has a presence in every region of the world, with premises/offices in 47 locations within 26 countries. Our workforce consists of more than 1,800 people and our modern equipment includes more than 20,000 tank containers, 6,100 dry bulk containers and specialised dry bulk trailers, 350 tank trailers and 625 trucks.

Chemical logistics is our business, and personal chemistry with customers our aim. We bring over 100 years experience of delivering smart logistics for the chemical and petrochemical industries.


Den Hartogh is highly specialised in the movement of liquid chemicals. We handle and transport more than 15,000 different hazardous and non hazardous chemicals per year in our dense network.

With the Den Hartogh experienced team and large fleet at your side, you can be assured of satisfied customers and grow your business without a worry on the logistics of your products.

Global Network and Local Presence

At Den Hartogh, we understand the language of continental and intercontinental trade. Our global logistics network and well spread local teams, give you the optimum flexibility for your shipments from door to door. Working from the chemical regions in the world, we are truly local business partners with knowledge of the needs of your customers and understanding the local language.

Together with you, we deliver. No matter where you are in the world, our solutions can be tailored to your needs and those of your customers.

Safety and Training

Our safety measures go beyond the legal obligations set upon us by various sets of legislations and regulations. Our dedicated training institute offers a broad range of safety training courses for operational and office employees, and our operational employees in particular are all licensed to handle liquid chemicals. In addition, liquid chemical operations are supported by dangerous goods safety advisors with a knowledgeable understanding of each chemical we transport, and field supervisors, who provide advice, inspection of loading and unloading facilities, and regular spot checks.

This specialist approach and safety first attitude enables us to deliver safe, smart solutions.

Case Study

  • Intermediate Storage for Turnaround Australian Customer

    Supply chain support service by Den Hartogh APAC Australia, 31 May 2021 - Den Hartogh APAC and our network partner Transom Marine Services are constantly seeking innovative solutions to meet and exceed the complex logistics requirements of our customers in this region. This month, we have again been ...

  • Creating Innovative Logistics Solutions in Sumatra, Indonesia

    Dumai, Indonesia - At Den Hartogh Asia-Pacific, we actively listen to the needs of our customers. Last month, we facilitated requests from customers in Dumai, Indonesia to open up international ISO tank shipping routes. Den Hartogh shipped out the 1st batch of 19 ISO tanks, via a barge, to ...

Den Hartogh – XT China Trucking

With the majority acquisition of Shanghai Xintao in 2020, Den Hartogh China is now able to offer one-stop logistics services for our existing and also prospective customers requiring domestic Dangerous Goods (DG) transportation.

Based on specific needs and the distances to be covered, we optimise the use of road and intermodal transport. The loading and delivery of your goods in China is performed by experienced Den Hartogh-XT drivers, working with the most modern trucks.

With a strong focus on safety and operational efficiency, we seek to give our valued customers peace of mind in the first and last mile of transportation.

Customer intimacy. Empowered professionals. Technological innovation. Close proximity and growing presence in the world’s most dynamic region – this is how Den Hartogh is moving intra-APAC chemical logistics into the future.

Supply Chain Support Services

The right management of your product & information flow to maximise efficiency and customer value

Strong supply chains build on strong designs. At Den Hartogh, we take pride in our many years of experience in supporting industry customers to design and operate the best logistics for each specific supply chain. We recognise that standard solutions often do not meet the specific needs and challenges of our customers. With a co-creation mentality and creativity in our genes, we don’t stop until we get it right. We are not afraid of insourcing and performing your critical logistics activities, such as your chemicals loading operations, your on-site logistics or the maintenance and management of your tank container fleet around the world.

Our analysts and solution designers focus on the challenge from your point of view and aim to go beyond traditional solutions. As a result, your supply chain will show more connectivity, more competitive advantages and a significantly higher customer satisfaction rate.

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